I love my work in the sky, passion for performance is my drive...

For creating high quality images, film- and videoshots in the skydiving scene. I do (and film) stunts, skydives from airplanes, jump from hot airballons, and from objects (BASE).

With more than 13 years experience in the sport, I love to help bring your story-boards to life. I am able to produce high quality HDV, Film- and photo aerial footage as desired. "" offers a variety of additional services for film and television productions, with basically all the required equipment. All knowing how to give you a great and safe action shot.

If wanted, there are possibilities creating the perfect filming set up in the facilities of an indoor skydive centre. It's possible to create a set up with green screen for usage with CGI software. The power of the airflow is fully adjustable and I am able to fly a various amount of objects and people. Even kids (after training) can fly safely in the windtunnel. We also cooperate closely with special FX companies. Imagine the possibilities.

Our stuntmen for the outdoor activities are all highly qualified skydivers, all with a lot of international competition experience, instructor ratings and with at least 5000 skydives each. They are the professionals in this beautiful sport.

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