Totally immerse yourself in this exiting sport!

Accelerated Freefall offers you the opportunity to witness and experience a wonderful sport in a short period of time. skydiving school is here to guide you becoming a skydiver!

If you have a sense of adventure and are willing to push some boundaries, our course is the one for you.

Students and instructors from the skydiving school do not consider themselves only as skydivers that falls trough the sky, but we see ourselves as human body pilots. You can fly your body safe in all directions, We are there to give you the full experience!

Your outlook on freefall will change from one of apprehension to one of anticipation as you progress through the lessons and grow in confidence. The range of emotion and beauty you will experience is tremendous. Jumping also comes with copious amounts of adrenaline (one of the factors which keep people in the sport a long time).

This skydive course is more intensive than most other AFF courses, because of the wind tunnel flying & extra instructional jumps, and the 1 instructor concept, that means that your tunnel coach also teach you the skydive ground school, is your instructor during your AFF Jumps, and is your personal contact for jumping appointments, until your finished the course.
100% customer friendly.

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