Martijnvandam.nl is a business endeavour from Martijn van Dam.

My work & Passion

Besides being a certified AFF and Tandem skydive instructor, I am a professional coach for skydivers in the Freefly dicipline and organising and coaching at events arround the world. Other activities are filming and photographing skydivers and stunts for television and commercials, helping my clients to coordinate the locations and assisting them in attaining permits and (schedule) aircrafts and stuntmen.

Competitive Experience

I believe my most valuable asset is the ability to really fly the camera and capture the shot as I wanted. A lot of my 11000 skydives were dedicated to training as a camera flyer for skydiving FreeFly & Style competitions, where the camera flyer's performance is scored along with the performer's score.

After competing with the Airpushers FreeFly team in the European and World Championships & World Air Games I joined ToraTora's Freefly team as their cameraman. (ToraTora.nl) Our first international competition was the world cup FreeFly 2007 in Russia (Stupino) after a close match we reached the 4th place. With all this competition experience I have learned to fly in 3D while maintaining a smooth and well framed image.

"Martijnvandam.nl" operates it's skydiving activities from the Netherlands, but is travelling arround the world.

Production companies & advertisement-agencies often use photo- and videofootage from Martijn van Dam. You can find some photo- and videosamples on this website. According to your wishes I can create the right image for your publishing needs.

Film, HDV video, Photo's, it's all possible.

Coaching & organizing by Martijn (ToraTora) is available on a daily basis for Freefly, FS, A & B license, filming & canopy control.

Questions or inquiries ? Feel free to contact me.

Martijn van Dam

Phone NL : +31 (0)6 2954 2201
Fax: +31 (0)84 867 8815
Email: info@martijnvandam.nl
Skype: martijn.van.dam


Slinkmansweg 2A
7743 PC Schalkhaar

Moments in sport

  • National Champions Freefly 1999 & 2000
  • Penetrating first Big Brother house in Almere (Netherlands) 2000 with big TV coverage
  • Dutch champion Freestyle Female (camera) 2001 & 2002
  • 11th place world air games 2001 Freestyle female
  • Holder of Dutch Speedskydiving record 494 km/ph
  • 7th place world cup freestyle Female 2002
  • National Champion Freestyle Male 2001 (Performer)
  • National Champions FreeFly 2006 & 2007
  • Aerial camerawork en stunt coordinator skydive TV commercial Pim Fortuin
  • Actor in postbus 51 commercial for government(VROM) 2006 & 2007 for national TV
  • 4th place World cup FreeFly 2007
  • Dutch National Freeflyteam 2006, 2007 & 2008
  • AFF Skydiving instructor rating
  • Tandem instructor rating
  • Skydive coach